Miniature Homage to the View Askewniverse: Unveiling the Exclusive Silent Bob Funko Pop!

Silent Bob with Camera Funko Pop

A New Arrival: Silent Bob with Camera Funko Pop!

Funko announces a new collectible, a tribute to the much-awaited movie 'Clerks III.' This exclusive Funko Shop collectible perfectly encapsulates Silent Bob's character in its vinyl form.

Silent Bob's Unique Pop! Figure

Displaying the iconic nuances of Silent Bob in his immersion into filmmaking for Randal, the Funko Pop! figure displays Silent Bob's signature features - the backward cap, the long coat, and the intense gaze as he looks through the camera. Owning this figure is not just adding to your collection but owning a part of 'Clerks III' itself.

A Spectacle in Vinyl

From the stubble on Silent Bob's face to the camera he holds, every aspect of this Funko Pop! has been intricately created to honor the View Askewniverse. A part of the independent movie industry now fits comfortably in your hand, signifying dreams, friendship, and the unrefined comedy journey ‘Clerks III’ promises.

A Collector’s Dream

The Silent Bob with Camera Funko Pop! is a highly sought-after item for passionate Kevin Smith fans. Possessing this piece gets you closer to the "Clerks III” spirit. Act fast and grab yours while stock lasts.


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